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Phil Woods

Black Flag


"The title refers to a car racing term. 'Get off the track now!' Originally this piece was penned for a record date for a European company called Timeless Records in 1988 with my quintet with Dizzy Gillespie as a guest artist. (There is a memorable track with Dizzy and the fantastic trumpet player, Tom Harrell. They played "Love For Sale" and it is still a thrill to listen to!) Dizzy thought my tune was too confusing harmonically and did not feel comfortable with it so he "black flagged' it! He was right! I think he would have approved the revised edition, "Black Flag." Soloists and rhythm should pay close attention to the form. 8 bars, then a repeat of first section but it is 7 bars with a 4 bar tag. Regular 8 bar bridge then the last 8 bars has a 4 bar tag. Count so you don't get "black flagged!"



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