Phil Woods

Guess What


Five page, three stave mini arrangement with chord symbols.

"Guess What?" was composed while I was staying with Jerry Dodgion, alto sax supreme and great composer as well, when I returned from Europe to record for MGM in 1971 with a big band. The date was called 'Round Trip" and Johnny Pate was the producer.Johnny was one of the first producers of note to give me a chance to write my own project. (The other producer who also gave me the opportunity was Nat Hentoff in the late 60's, a thing called "The Rights of Swing," now available for the first time in the Phil Store!) We had a few other gigs with the ERM, including Newport and Shelley's ManneHole, LA. Jerry D. contracted the date and played lead alto (he is the best in the biz!) and the tune featured two altos. Good tune. I think it was reissued as a CD.

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